In Loving Memory of Chelsea Pearl

Chelsea Pearl
Chelsea Pearl

Chelsea Pearl was an entertainer living in the Lexington, Kentucky area but she had traveled all over the country performing at various venues. We sadly lost Chelsea in October of 2021. We salute the artistry that was Chelsea Pearl.

Titles and Awards

Miss Large and Lovely 2017

Miss Kentucky Large and Lovely 2016
Prelim to Miss Large and Lovely

Miss Ohio FI 2013-2014

Miss Continental Plus 2011

2nd Alternate to All American Goddess 2009
(Final Night Talent Winner)

Bluegrass All American Goddess 2009
Prelim to All American Goddess

Miss Shining Star Continental Plus 2008
Prelim to Miss Continental Plus

Miss Masque 2008
Club Masque – Dayton, Ohio

Miss Renaissance Plus 2006

Miss Gay USofA Classic 2006

Miss Gay Georgia USofA Classic 2006
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA Classic

Miss Gay Ohio USofA Classic 2005
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA Classic

Miss National at Large 2002

Miss Big & Beautiful 1999

Miss Gay USofA at Large 1995

Miss Gay Kansas USofA at Large 1994
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA at Large

Top 12 at Miss Gay USofA 1988

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Chelsea Pearl: Performance History

Some venues and events that Chelsea has been a part of include:

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