Monet Dupree

Monet Dupree
Monet Dupree

Monet Dupree is an entertainer in Washington D.C.

Titles and Awards

Miss Freddie’s 2013
(Freddie’s Beach Bar & Restaurant – Crystal City, Virginia)

Miss Gay Black Delaware 2012

Miss Gaye Dreamgirl 2010

Miss Couture International 2006

Miss Star Black America 2004

Miss Capital Pride 2004

Miss Black National 2002

Miss Black America DC 2001

Miss Allegro 1997

Miss Delmarva USofA 1997

Miss Gay D.C. America 1997
Prelim to Miss Gay America

Miss Summer Sensation 1996

Miss Ziegfeld’s 1996
(Ziegfeld’s – Washington, DC)

Miss Sweetheart 1994

Monet Dupree: Performance History

Some venues and events that Monet has been a part of include:

District of Columbia

  • Washington, D.C. – Ziegfeld’s


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