Desiree DeMornay

Desiree DeMornay
Desiree DeMornay

Desiree DeMornay is an entertainer out of Phoenix, Arizona but has resided and headlined shows across the country (New Orleans, LA; St. Louis, MO and Tampa, FL).

Titles and Awards

Miss Black Universe 2019

Miss Mardi Gras 2018

Miss Sunshine State Black Universe 2017

Miss Victorian International Plus 2017

1st Alternate to Miss Gay Arizona USofA 2014
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA

Miss Gay USofA at Large 2011

Miss Large and Lovely 2010

Miss Lakeland 2008
(Lakeland, Florida)

Miss Sweetheart International Plus 2007

Miss Duval Plus 2007

Miss Ultimate Continental Plus 2006

Miss Continental Plus 2006

Miss Renaissance Plus 2005

Miss Dumar International Plus 2005

Miss Metropolitan Continental Plus 2003
Prelim to Miss Continental Plus

Queen of Pride St. Louis 2003

Miss Venus Continental Plus 2002
Prelim to Miss Continental Plus

Miss InsideOut 2002

Miss Boxers & Briefs 2002

Miss Fannies Ball 2001

Miss Missouri Continental Plus 1999
Prleim to Miss Continental Plus

Miss Central States Continental Plus 1998
Prelim to Miss Continental Plus

Miss Missouri Continental 1997
Prelim to Miss Continental

Miss Metroplex 1997

Miss Illinois America 1996
Prelim to Miss Gay America

Miss Metroplis 1995

Miss Missouri State 1995

Miss Nebraska Worldwide 1995

Miss Heartland Classic 1994

Miss Shining Star USofA 1994

Miss Midway USofA 1994

Miss Southeast Missouri 1993

Miss Fallout 1992

Desiree DeMornay: Archives

Some venues that Desiree has been featured at include:

  • Arizona
  • Florida
    • Brandon: Hamburger Mary’s
    • Orlando: Parliament House – Revolution Night Club
    • Saint Petersburg: Enigma Bar & Lounge
    • Tampa: Club Chambers – Hamburger Mary’s – Valentines
  • Iowa
    • Des Moines: Garden Nightclub
  • Missouri
  • Ohio

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