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Brock Harder
Brock Harder

Brock Harder began performing long before he became a Male Illusionist. Born of parents who were both in the entertainment industry, he entered the field in female form as exotic dancer, Summer Storm. Originally from Los Angles, California, he performed as Summer at several popular nightclubs including the infamous, Seventh Veil. From there he moved on to Honolulu, Hawaii where he performed at Pure Platinum and other local venues for several years, before leaving the island life for Portland, Oregon, where he became a parent and gave up the lime light to raise a daughter. After a 15 year hiatus, he discovered Drag in the mostly unlikely place. Evansville, Indiana.

First, as a friend and fan of the art of drag, he studied the art of illusion from Drag Queens, reversing their make up techniques to masculinize his face. Facial hair came next, first drawn on, then by mastering the technique of using real hair to form a convincing beard and mustache. In 2012, He came out as a Drag King as a surprise for a friend’s birthday. As a result, he was asked to perform in the club’s open stage.

In the last six years, he has performed as a Male Illusionist, progressing from performing in open stage events, to bookings in several Evansville, indiana and Owensboro, Kentucky Nightclubs and also at Play in Louisville, Kentucky. In 2015, he became the producer and managing director of Evansville’s premiere ensemble drag troupe, Leather and Lace.

His persona is ever evolving and growing. He performs as a Male Illusionist as well as impersonates characters such as Batman, Captain Hook, Phantom of the Opera, The Joker, Jack Skellington, and his own brand of Vampire, Circus Ring Leader and more. His musical repertoire ranges from Hard Rock to Contemporary Country. He currently resides in Newburgh, IN with his partner of four years, their daughter and seven dogs. When not performing he is an entrepreneur and works at his business during the week and also serves on the board at the Aids Resource Group in Evansville, heading up several benefits shows for the organization throughout the year.

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