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Mr. Renaissance

Mr. Renaissance Titleholders Mr. Renaissance Titleholders *** In Loving Memory Open Projects A photo is needed for:

Exotic Lord - Photo by Randall Smith
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Exotic Lord

Exotic Lord is an entertainer out of Atlanta, Georgia. Titles and Awards Mr. Renaissance 2022

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Miss Southbend Icon

Miss Southbend Icon, previously known as Miss Southbend Classic, is a bar pageant at Southbend Tavern in Columbus, Ohio. Miss… read more Miss Southbend Icon

Alexis Stevens - Photo by Tios Photography
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Alexis Stevens

Alexis Stevens is an entertainer out of Columbus, Ohio. Alexis got her start performing at LIPS Restaurant in Greenwich Village… read more Alexis Stevens

Godfrey's (Richmond, Virginia) logo
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Miss Godfrey’s (Godfrey’s – Richmond, Virginia)

Miss Godfrey’s is a bar pageant for Godfrey’s in Richmond, Virginia. Miss Godfrey’s Titleholders Miss Godfrey’s Titleholders

Aida Stratton - Photo by After Six Photography
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Aida Stratton

Aida Stratton is an entertainer out of Raleigh, North Carolina but has also called Philadelphia, Pennsylvania home. Titles and Awards… read more Aida Stratton

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National Showgirl

National Showgirl Titleholders National Showgirl Titleholders Prelims to National Showgirl:

Shae Shae LaReese - Photo by Tios Photography
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Shae Shae LaReese

Shae Shae LaReese is an entertainer out of Laguna Niguel, California.  She is nationally known entertainer who is recognized for… read more Shae Shae LaReese

Antonio Edwards
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Antonio Edwards

Antonio Edwards is an entertainer out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Titles and Awards Mr. Glamorous 2023 All American Gent 2019… read more Antonio Edwards

Dorae Saunders
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Dorae Saunders

Dorae Saunders is an entertainer from Columbia, South Carolina. Titles and Awards Miss Sawmill 2023(Sawmill Camping Resort – Dade City,… read more Dorae Saunders

Legacy of Excellence Pageantry logo
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Miss Legacy of Excellence

Miss Legacy of Excellence is an entertainer based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Miss Legacy of Excellence Titleholders Miss Legacy… read more Miss Legacy of Excellence

Gay Rochester Pageantry logo
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Miss Gay Rochester

Miss Gay Rochester is a regional title out of Rochester, New York. Miss Gay Rochester Titleholders Miss Gay Rochester Titleholders… read more Miss Gay Rochester

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In Loving Memory of Liza

Liza was the impersonation of Wayne Esposito and had lived out of Rochester, New York. We sadly lost this light… read more In Loving Memory of Liza

Kat Kelly - Photo by the Drag Photographer
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Kat Kelly

Kat Kelly, also known as Katerina Kelly, is an entertainer out of Daytona Beach, Florida. Titles and Awards Miss Incahoots… read more Kat Kelly

Sofia Andrew
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Sofia Andrews

Sofia Andrews is an entertainer out of Jacksonville, Florida. Titles and Awards Miss Glamorous 2023 Universal Show Queen 2016 Miss… read more Sofia Andrews

Tatiyanna Voche' - Photo by Scotty Kirby
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Tatiyanna Voche’

Tatiyanna Voche’ is an entertainer currently residing in Alexandria, Virginia. Titles and Awards Miss Gay America 2023 Miss Gay D.C…. read more Tatiyanna Voche’

Heklina - Photo by José Alberto Guzmán Colón
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In Loving Memory of Heklina

Heklina was an entertainer in San Francisco, California where she was featured at places like DNA Lounge. We sadly lost… read more In Loving Memory of Heklina

Dina Jacobs
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Dina Jacobs

Dina Jacobs is an entertainer currently residing in Houston, Texas but she has also lived and performed out of Honolulu,… read more Dina Jacobs

Crystal Woods
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In Loving Memory of Crystal Woods

Crystal Woods was an entertainer out of Las Vegas, Nevada and was known for her impersonations of Diana Ross. We… read more In Loving Memory of Crystal Woods

Shontelle Sparkles - Photo by Ethan M. Cross
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Shontelle Sparkles

Shontelle Sparkles is an entertainer out of Louisville, Kentucky where she is featured at places like Play.  She also once… read more Shontelle Sparkles