Olivia Knowles

Olivia Knowles
Olivia Knowles

Olivia Knowles is an entertainer from the Huntington, West Virginia area where she has been on cast at The Stonewall since July of 2005.  Olivia has performed all over West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Kentucky, Florida, and Tennessee.

Titles and Awards

1st Alternate to Miss Gay Lexington 2015
(Bar Complex – Lexington, Kentucky)

Miss Stonewall 2013
(Stonewall Club – Huntington, West Virginia)

Miss Steel City Snow Queen 2013

Miss Vice Versa 2013
(Vice Versa – Morgantown, West Virginia)

Miss Gay Akron United States 2012
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio United States

Miss West Virginia Pride 2011

Miss Sweetheart 2011

Miss Kentucky Continental 2008
Prelim to Miss Continental

Miss West Virginia Continental 2006
Prelim to Miss Continental

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