Club Nonta (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Club Nonta (Cincinnati, Ohio) | March 2010 (Photo by Bill Abney)
Club Nonta (Cincinnati, Ohio) | March 2010 (Photo by Bill Abney)

Club Nonta, now closed, was located at 4023 Hamilton Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio. The venue closed in July of 2010.

Club Nonta: The Location

Below is the address and map of where Club Nonta was located:

4023 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Below is a June 2011 Street View of the property after Club Nonta had already been closed. As you can see, the property later became Club 360 but was boarded up by the time of this capture.

Club Nonta: Entertainers Featured

Alexis LoveAmailia BlackAmaya SextonAngel DimonCoryCrystyle StarrErica AndrewsIndia FerrahJenna JiveJessica DimonMirage LoveMonica Paige St. JamesNikki DimonOlivia KnowlesPenny TrationQuasiQueen BRhea RangedRocky HoustonSasha DimonStrawbella Be’AgoddessSyimoneTyra Brooks

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