In Loving Memory of Diane Jackson

Diane Jackson
In Loving Memory of Diane Jackson

Diane Jackson 1956 – 2012

Diane Jackson was a well loved entertainer from the Houston, Texas area and originally from Saginaw, Michigan who worked as a female impersonator for 35 years. Her biggest asset was engaging her audience and commanding their attention. Her best impersonation was of Bette Midler and her personal style of performance was being on point with her musical lyrics. A few titles held by Diane were Miss Saginaw, Miss Detroit Newcomer and Miss Cousins.

She was known throughout Houston for always being a true friend to everyone and so welcoming and always willing to lend a helping hand. Daily she not only took care of herself, but she also had a daily routine for visiting sick friends, feeding the homeless, dressing the homeless and always feeding any animal around. Diana was a featured performer at TC’s Show Bar in Houston.  She had a huge heart and has left a void in the Montrose Community but she will always be remembered.

Sadly, we lost Diane on August 7, 2012.   Our heart goes out to the friends and family of this wonderful entertainer.

*A very special thank you to Adrian Orta who provide much of the information and pictures for this tribute.

Diane Jackson: Performance History

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