Niomi Necoll Onassis

Niomi Necoll Onassis
Niomi Necoll Onassis

Niomi Necoll Onassis is an entertainer out of Fort Wayne, Indiana but has also called Dayton, Ohio home.

Titles and Awards

Miss Somewhere 2017
(Somewhere – Lima, Ohio)

Miss Diesel 2016
(Diesel Nightclub – Springfield, Ohio)

Miss Gay Allen County 2014

2nd Alternate to Miss Ohio Gay Pride 2013
(Axis Night Club – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Miami Valley Gay Pride 2012
Prelim to Miss Ohio Gay Pride
(Club Masque – Dayton, Ohio)

Ohio All American Goddess 2011
Prelim to All American Goddess

Miss Fort Wayne Pride 2006

Miss After Dark 2005
(After Dark Nightclub – Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Niomi Necoll Onassis: Captured Moments

Niomi Necoll Onassis: Performance History

Some venues and events that Niomi has been a part of include:

Fort Wayne: After Dark
Detroit: The Rainbow Room
Columbus: Axis Night Club
Dayton: Masque
Lima: Somewhere
Springfield: Diesel Nightclub

Niomi Necoll Onassis: Ad History

Masque (Dayton, Ohio)

Niomi Necoll Onassis: Links

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