Tracie Lords

Tracie Lords
Tracie Lords

Tracie Lords is an entertainer from Columbus, Ohio where she started performing in 2001.  She is an avid fan of the art form and can  be seen out and about at many shows and pageants.

Tracie has several elaborate costumes and is a treat to watch on the stage.  In addition to performing, Tracie can also be seen behind the judges tables where she has judged anywhere from bar titles to city and state systems.

Titles and Awards

Miss Southbend Classic 2022
(Southbend Tavern – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Interbelt 2017
(Interbelt Nite Club – Akron, Ohio)

Miss Hott International 2012

Miss Southbend 2011
(Southbend Tavern – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Metropolitan Gay Pride 2010
Prelim to Miss Ohio Gay Pride
(Axis Night Club – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Ohio International Plus 2009
Prelim to Miss International Plus

Miss Cincinnati Gay Pride 2008
Prelim to Miss Ohio Gay Pride

Miss Axis 2007
(Axis Night Club – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Columbus Gay Pride 2006
Prelim to Miss Ohio Gay Pride

Miss Gay Black Ohio 2005

Miss Cincinnati Gem City 2005
Prelim to Miss Platinum Gem City

Miss Somewhere Else 2005
(Somewhere Else Nightclub and Showbar – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Remo’s 2003
(Remo’s – Columbus, Ohio)

1st Alternate to Miss Gay Black Ohio 2003

Miss Akron Cosmopolitan Diva 2001

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Some venues and events that Tracie has been a part of include:

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