The Birdcage (Cincinnati, Ohio)

The Birdcage (Cincinnati, Ohio)

The Birdcage is located at 927 Race Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. The venue opened in September of 2018 and had previously been home to Shooters which closed in 2016.

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Alana ReignAnaslaysia Annejob – Aubrey DamnedAurora Starr

Bella Nicole HarlowBianca Debonair

Chasity MarieCortney Carson

Jada Fenix-Lorez – Jareje RashadJessica Dimon

Kylie Santiago Torres

Mirelle Jane DivineMolly Mormen 

Nichelle Kartier

Penny TrationP.H. Dee

Soy Queen

Zhané Dawlingz

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Below is the most recent map and the street view of how this address appeared over the years:

927 Race Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

April 2019 Street View:

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