Miss Celebrity (Celebrity Show & Dance Club – Dayton, Ohio)


Miss Celebrity was a bar title for Celebrity Show & Dance Club in Dayton, Ohio.  The title was one of the most sought after bar titles in the region.  During its time in Dayton, the bar was located in three locations which explains the variations of the titles.  The first bar was known as Jessie’s Celebrity and when the bar relocated to their larger more remembered venue on 850 North Main, it was renamed to Celebrity Show & Dance Club. In 2005, the owners of Celebrity opened a club in Las Vegas, Nevada which unfortunately didn’t take off.  The club in Dayton, Ohio had one more location in Miamisburg before it closed in 2007 ending an era where it had been a gay fixture in the Midwest for a number of years.

A very special thanks goes to DJ Hill who was the resident DJ and webmaster for Celebrity.  Miss Hill provided me with many of the photos of the formers and most likely snapped most of these himself.

Former Title Holders of Miss Celebrity

Links to Miss Celebrity Titleholders

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