ARCHIVE: Miss Gay Heart of Ohio America | Boscoe’s (Columbus, Ohio) | 1/11/2020

These photos are from the Miss Gay Heart of Ohio America pageant held at Boscoe’s in Columbus, Ohio on January 11th, 2020. Miss Gay Heart of Ohio America is a prelim to Miss Gay Ohio America.

Scarlett Kelly was crowned the winner and National Holiday placed as 1st Alternate. In June of 2020 Scarlett Kelly resigned and the title went to 1st Alternate National Holiday. Because the pageant happened prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and the state and national pageant were cancelled in 2020, Scarlett is recognized as the 2020 winner and National is recognized as the 2021 winner for the pageant.

Ad | Boscoe’s (Columbus, Ohio) | 1/11/2020
Ad | Boscoe’s (Columbus, Ohio) | 1/11/2020

Featured in this archive are:

Amanda Sue PunchfukCourtney KellyDeja DellataroDeva StationMary NolanNational HolidayPaige PassionScarlett KellySoy QueenTiffanie TaylorValerie TaylorValerie ValentinoVivi Velure

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