Courtney Kelly

Courtney Kelly - Photo by Ethan M. Cross
Courtney Kelly – Photo by Ethan M. Cross

Courtney Kelly is an entertainer out of Columbus, Ohio but once called Muncie, Indiana home where she has been featured at places like Mark III Tap Room.  Courtney previously went by the name of Courtney O Lynne.

After her reign as Miss Gay Ohio America, Courtney along with her partner Tyler, launched her own prelim (Miss Gay Short North America) in 2022 to the system. The prelim was held at her home bar of Axis Nightclub in Columbus, Ohio.

Titles and Awards

Miss Gay Eastern States America 2022
Prelim to Miss Gay America

Miss Gay Great Lakes America 2021
Prelim to Miss Gay America

Gay Ohio America 2019
Prelim to Miss Gay America
Interview and Talent Category Winner

1st Alternate to Miss Gay Capital City America 2019
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio America

Miss Gay Muncie 2015

Courtney Kelly: Family Tree

In the LGBTQIA+ community people get to choose their own family. Sometimes this accompanies their own biological families and sometimes this is the only family an individual has.

This section will outline the family tree of Courtney Kelly:
Great Grandmother:
Sabrina White

Mykul Jay Valentine

Kristina Kelly
Maria Garrison

Matthew Jay Kelly

Jackie O’
Kendra Monroe
Sasha Michaels

Claire Kelly
Dean Kelly
Felony Kelly
Karen Kelly
Mya Motions-Kelly
Nicco Kelly
Peggy Da Bussy Kelly
Slutlana Kelly
Xan Francisca Kelly
Yasmine Kelly

Courtney Kelly: Photo and Pageant History Archives

Below are some photo archives featuring Courtney Kelly:

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Courtney Kelly: Performance History

Some venues and events that Courtney has been a part of include:

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