District West (Columbus, Ohio)

District West (Columbus, Ohio)

District West is located at 145 N. 5th Street in Columbus, Ohio. The venue opened in September of 2020 and was the site of the previous Score Bar that had once been located there.

District West: Photo Archives

September 2020 – Released Cast Photos
9/25 – 10/4/2020 – Krystal Something Something and Tabitha from Dance Present Double Take
December 2020 – Various Events
January 2021 – Various Events
February 2021 – Various Events

District West: Pageants Held

Pageants held at District West
Miss District West

District West: Ad History

Ads for District West
2021 Ad History

District West: Links

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District West: Performance History

Entertainers Featured at District West
Abortia CliniqueAndria MichaelsAnisa LoveAva Aurora Foxx
Bianca DebonairBianna ReyonceBoyoncè
Cortney CarsonCourtney Kelly
Deva Station
Eris Melody Grey
Jareje RashadJennifer Lynn Ali
Krystal Something Something
Lady Mercury
Maja JeraMari JaneMaria Garrison
PersephonePlenty O’Smiles
Riley Poppyseed – Roxy Nikole
Selena T. WestShawty WestSonya RossSoy Queen
V-Master ChadValerie ValentinoViktor ElickVirginia West
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