Jennifer Lynn Ali

Jennifer Lynn Ali - Photo by Laura Dark Photography
Jennifer Lynn Ali – Photo by Laura Dark Photography

Jennifer Lynn Ali is an entertainer based out of Columbus, Ohio.

Titles and Awards
1st Alternate to Miss Boscoe’s 2020
(Boscoe’s – Columbus, Ohio)
Ohio Drag Wars 2019
Miss Southbend 2018
Presentation and On Stage Question Category Awards
(Southbend Tavern – Columbus, Ohio)
1st Alternate to Miss Gay Heart of Ohio America 2017
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio America
Miss Cleveland Gay Pride 2014
Prelim to Miss Ohio Gay Pride

Jennifer Lynn Ali: Family Tree

In the LGBTQIA+ community people get to choose their own family. Sometimes this accompanies their own biological families and sometimes this is the only family an individual has.

This section will outline the family tree of Jennifer Lynn Ali.
Mother Reianna Ali

Jennifer Lynn Ali: Photo and Pageant History Archives

May 2015 – Toolbox Saloon (Columbus, Ohio)
October 2015 – Cavan Irish Pub (Columbus, Ohio)
November 2015 – Cavan Irish Pub (Columbus, Ohio)
October 2016 – Boscoe’s (Columbus, Ohio)
December 2016 – Boscoe’s (Columbus, Ohio)
7/4/2017 – Club Columbus (Columbus, Ohio) – Jennifer Lynn’s Country Club
1/28/2018 – Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio) – Miss Southbend
2/25/2018 – Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio) – Miss Southbend Classic
August 2018 – The Highball (Columbus, Ohio)
September 2018 – Cavan Irish Pub (Columbus, Ohio)
1/27/2019 – Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio) – Miss Southbend
2/24/2019 – Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio) – Miss Southbend Classic
August 2019 – Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio)
October 2019 – Cavan Irish Pub (Columbus, Ohio)
10/10/2019 – Land-Grant Brewing Company (Columbus, Ohio) – Get The Vote Out 2020 Viewing & Kickoff Party
11/9-11/10/2019 – Axis Nightclub (Columbus, Ohio) – Miss Ohio Gay Pride
December 2019 – Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio)
January 2020 – MJ’s on Jefferson (Dayton, Ohio)
January 2020 – Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio)
1/26/2020 – Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio) – Miss Southbend
6/28/2020 – Cavan Irish Pub (Columbus, Ohio) – Mary & Gary’s Car Wash
September 2020 – District West (Columbus, Ohio) – Cast Photos
September 2020 – Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio)
December 2020 – Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio)
February 2021 – Boscoe’s (Columbus, Ohio)
February 2021 – Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio)
August 2021 – Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio)
8/13-8/15/2021 – Axis Nightclub (Columbus, Ohio) – Miss Gay Ohio America
8/22/2021 – The Winchester Music Tavern (Lakewood, Ohio) – Sassy’s Birthday Bash – A Haus of Ali Family Drag Brunch
September 2021 – Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio)
September 2021 – Union Cafe (Columbus, Ohio)

Jennifer Lynn Ali: Captured Moments

Jennifer Lynn Ali: Ad History

Cavan Irish Pub (Columbus, Ohio)
Boscoe’s (Columbus, Ohio)
Boscoe’s (Columbus, Ohio)
Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio)
District West (Columbus, Ohio)
Southbend Tavern (Columbus, Ohio)

Jennifer Lynn Ali: Performance History

Some venues and events that Jennifer has been a part of include:

Grand Rapids: Rumors Nightclub
Cleveland: Cocktails
Columbus: A.W.O.L.Axis Nightclub – Back Door – Boscoe’s – Bossy Grrl’s Pin Up Joint – Cavan Irish PubClub ColumbusDistrict West – FuelHighball – Inn Rehab Bar and GrillLand-Grant Brewing Company – Southbend Tavern – Toolbox SaloonTrafik Bar and Nightclub – Tremont Lounge – Union Cafe – Wall Street Night Club
Dayton: Club Evolution – Masque – MJ’s on Jefferson
Lakewood: Winchester Music Tavern
Lima: Somewhere
Toledo: Georgjz 419 – Legends – RHouse

Jennifer Lynn Ali: Links

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