In Loving Memory of KiArra Cartier Fontaine

KiArra Cartie Fontaine
KiArra Cartie Fontaine

KiArra was an entertainer who last resided in Cleveland, Ohio, but she got her start in Chicago, Illinois under the name of KiArra Lee when she was dared to enter a Halloween contest at the Baton Show Lounge. She was painted by the wonderful Kim Cleveland, who also helped her pick a melody, Diana Ross. She won the contest and hasn’t stopped since.

She then started performing at several clubs in Chicago and doing talent contests including Continental preliminaries. In March of 1995, she relocated to Akron, Ohio. It was there in July of that year, that she won her first title as Miss Akron Newcomer.

In 2001 she made a move to Toledo, Ohio where she became the show director for Caesar’s Show bar for two and a half years. KiArra made her another move to Columbus, Ohio in April of 2006 before moving back Cleveland. She had performed all over the country and has countless titles to her name.

KiArra has had a few names to note. Besides KiArra Lee, she has also been known as KiArra Fontaine Marlowe …and of course many of her friends just call her ‘Kiki’.

At the end of May and the first part of June of 2006, KiArra started two new weekly shows at Somewhere Else Club in Columbus, Ohio. Every Wednesday she hosts ‘Dicks with a Diva’ with the best in hot male erotica and on every Thursday, she hosts ‘Cocktail Talk with KiArra and Guests’ featuring the best in female impersonation.

Sadly KiArra lost her battle to cancer on May 29th 2013.  Our deepest sympathy goes out to all of Kiki’s friends and family during this difficult time. She was a legend and friend to so many during her life and now she will always live on in our hearts as we remember those wonderful times we were blessed to share with her.

Titles and Awards

Miss Ohio Continental 2012
Prelim to Miss Continental

Miss Gay Ohio United States 2012
Prelim to Miss Gay United States

Miss Interbelt 2011
(Interbelt Night Club – Akron, Ohio)

Miss Pennsylvania Premiere Continental 2011
Prelim to Miss Continental

Miss Addicted to Glamour 2011

Miss Dock 2009
(The Dock – Cincinnati, Ohio)

Miss Unlimited Classique 2009
Previously known as Miss Gay USA Classique

Miss Queen Cities 2008
(Caesar’s Show Bar – Toledo, Ohio)

Great Lakes Entertainer of the Year, F.I. 2007
Prelim to National Entertainer of the Year, F.I.

Miss Tri-State All-Star 2007

Miss Gay Great Lakes USofA 2007
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA

Miss Gay Indiana USofA 2006
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA

Miss Somewhere Else 2006
(Somewhere Else Nightclub and Showbar – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Ohio Gay Pride 2005
(Axis Night Club – Columbus, Ohio)

Miss Sandusky Gay Pride 2004
Prelim to Miss Ohio Gay Pride

Miss Ohio Diva 2005

Miss Gay Detroit 2005

Miss Diva Midwest Continental 2005
Prelim to Miss Continental

Miss Gay International Inc. 2004

Miss Keystone International 2004
Prelim to Miss Gay International

Miss Gigi’s 2004
(Gigi’s – Detroit, Michigan)

Miss Cocktails 2004

Miss Toledo Diva 2004

Miss Rainbow Room 2004
(Rainbow Room – Detroit, Michigan)

Miss Michigan Continental 2003
Prelim to Miss Continental

Miss Seven 2003

Miss Gay Ohio America 2002
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio America
(Celebrity Nightclub – Dayton, Ohio)

Miss Gay Akron America 2002
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio America

Miss Glass Citi 2001

Miss Gay Galaxy 2001

Miss Cosmopolitan Continental 2001

Miss R House 2001
(R House – Toledo, Ohio)

Miss Caesar’s 2000
(Caesar’s Show Bar – Toledo, Ohio)

Miss Gay Ohio USofA 2000
Prelim to Miss Gay USofA

Miss Gay City Lights America 1999

Miss Mixx 1999

Miss Gay Akron 1998

Miss Gay Black Ohio 1997

Miss Gay Columbus USofA 1997
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio USofA

Miss Gay Canton America 1997
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio America

Miss Cabaret Sweetheart 1997
(Club Cabaret – Hickory, North Carolina)

Miss Gay Youngstown America 1996
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio America

Miss Stage Door 1996

Miss Gay Akron USofA 1996
Prelim to Miss Gay Ohio USofA

Miss Tear-EZ 1996
(Tear-EZ – Akron, Ohio)

Miss Akron Newcomer 1995

*KiArra is also a former Miss Metro Emeritus.

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