Chip Matthews

Chip Matthews
Chip Matthews

Chip Matthews is an entertainer out of Gastonia, North Carolina.  Chip is the President/CEO of the National Don’t H8 System.

Titles and Awards

Mr. USA Unlimited 2020

Mr. South East National 2018

Mr. Unlimited Bear 2017

Mr. Maryland Unlimited Bear 2017
Prelim to Mr. Unlimited Bear

National Mr. Diamond Glam Classic 2017

King of the Loft 2017
(Loft in Olios – Gastonia, North Carolina)

Mr. Zoe’s 2017
(Zoe’s Coffee House & Lounge – Gastonia, North Carolina)

Mr. Don’t H8 UK 2017

Mr. Charlotte Pride 2016

Mr. South East Regional 2016

Mr. Gastonia Pride 2016 East Coast Power Couple 2016
with Teri Lynn Lovo

King of Don’t H8 2015 – 2016

Mr. National Legacy 2015

Mr. L4 Ideal 2015
(L4 Lounge – Charlotte, North Carolina)

2014 Don’t H8 Lifetime Achievement Award

Mr. Gay North America 2014

Mr. Gay North America International Club 2014

Mr. After Hours 2014
(After Hours Bar – Cherryville, North Carolina)

Mr. Exquisite 2014

2014 Don’t H8 Presidential Hall of Champions Recipient

2014 Don’t H8 Legend Award

Hospitality Award at Miss Gay North Carolina America 2014
for Miss Gay Diamond America

Mr. Connections 2013
(Connections – Gastonia, North Carolina) East Coast Power Couple 2013
with Felicity Ferraro

Mr. North Carolina Exquisite 2013
Prelim to Mr. Exquisite

National Don’t H8 Ringmaster 2013

National Mr. Diamond Glam at Large 2013 – 2016

Mr. Club Miami 2013
(Club Miami – Hickory, North Carolina)

Mr. Don’t H8 GQ 2013
Voted on by Board

Mr. Club Cabaret 2013
(Club Cabaret – Hickory, North Carolina)

Hospitality Award at Miss Gay North Carolina America 2013
for Miss Gay Diamond America

Mr. Showboy United 2013

Mr. North Carolina Showboy United 2012
Prelim to Mr. Showboy United

Mr. Nickel Bar 2012
(Nickel Bar – Charlotte, North Carolina)

Mr. Summer Sizzle 2012
Q&A and Summer Wear Category Awards East Coast Power Couple 2012
with Felicity Ferraro

Mr. Diamond Exquisite 2012

LGBT Prom King 2012
Voted on by Community

North Carolina All American Gent 2012
Prelim to All American Gent

Mr. North Carolina North America International 2012

Mr. Western North Carolina Pride 2012

Mr. All Hallow’s Eve 2012
Q&A and Spooky Wear Category Awards

Mr. Cabaret Sweetheart 2012
(Club Cabaret – Hickory, North Carolina)
Q&A and Valentine Wear Category Awards

Largest City Preliminary Award at Miss Gay North Carolina America 2012
for Miss Gay Diamond America

Mr. Online Fantasy 2011 East Coast Power Couple 2011
with Felicity Ferraro

Mr. Unlimited Cub 2011
Interview, Fantasy Wear and Cub Wear Category Awards

Mr. North Carolina Unlimited Cub 2010
Prelim to Mr. Unlimited Cub
Interview, Cub Wear, Fantasy Wear Category Awards

National Don’t H8 Hall of Fame 2010

National Mr. Don’t H8 2010
Won Unanimous Board Vote

Mr. North Carolina Continental 2009
Prelim to Mr. Continental

Mr. North Carolina International, Inc. 2008
Prelim to Mr. International, Inc.
Interview and Talent Category Awards

Mr. South Carolina Unlimited 2007
(Title was originally Mr. Gay South Carolina USA)Prelim to Mr. Unlimited
Interview, Talent and Creative Formal Wear Category Awards

Chip Matthews: Family Tree

In the LGBTQIA+ community people get to choose their own family. Sometimes this accompanies their own biological families and sometimes this is the only family an individual has.

This section will outline the family tree of Chip Matthews.

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Chip Matthews: Performance History

Some venues and events that Chip has been a part of include:

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