Celebrity Show & Dance Club (Dayton, Ohio)


See Also: Jessie’s Celebrity, Celebrity Club

During its time in Dayton, the bar was located in three locations which explains the variations of the bar titles held by some of the performers who were lucky enough to be crowned a representative of this bar.  The first bar was known as Jessie’s Celebrity and when the bar relocated to their larger more remembered location on 850 North Main, it was renamed to Celebrity Show & Dance Club. In 2005, the owners of Celebrity opened a club in Las Vegas, Nevada which unfortunately didn’t take off.  The club in Dayton, Ohio had one more location in Miamisburg before it closed in 2007 ending an era where it had been a gay fixture in the Midwest for a number of years.

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Entertainers Featured at Celebrity Show & Dance Club
Alana Reign – April Reign – Ashley West
Bonnie Blake
Coti Collins
Felicia Frost
Honey Below – Hope Sexton
Mandy O’Toole – Misty Knight
Rhoda Horse
Samantha Rollins – Sashay Lorez – Scarlett Fever – Sinthia D MeanorSuzen Austin-Lee
Taj Mahal

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